StashDB Moderation Enforcement


At the discretion of one of StashDB’s admins, a user’s EDIT and VOTE roles may be revoked at any time. However, know that we have rarely felt the need to take this course of action. Every situation is unique and we strive to only take action when absolutely necessary.

In short, we ask all contributors to act conscientiously with the best interests of the community in mind. We will exercise our authority and restraint to maintain the integrity of both the database and the community as we see fit.

The following behavior may be grounds for the loss of editing or voting rights:

  1. Abuse of the edit system

  2. Abuse of the voting system

  3. Abuse of the comment system

  4. Repeated violations of the guidelines

  5. Technical hacks or exploits

  6. Any other misconduct considered serious enough to warrant action

Warnings and Restorations

An admin will almost always attempt to warn a user first when their actions could lead to the loss of their EDIT and VOTE roles. If the warning goes ignored or unseen, continued violations will result in disciplinary action.

However, an admin may also decide to revoke these privileges without warning in order to prevent further violations. This decision is most often made to limit the damage of a user in the middle of a run of violations who is not immediately responding to requests to stop.

A user’s EDIT and VOTE roles may be restored exactly one time, but only if an admin considers it appropriate to the situation. If these privileges are revoked a second time, it will be permanent. We are a small team who are unable to spend an extended period of time dealing with multiple violations/appeals from a single account. All decisions are final.

The most common reason for losing these privileges is a lack of communication. If we cannot reach you through edit comments or messages on Discord/Matrix to correct continued violations of the guidelines, revoking edit access becomes our last resort to get in touch with you. We understand that tracking edit comments on StashDB can be difficult at this time. That is why we stress to all editors the importance of being reachable on Discord/Matrix.

Expanded Details

The following provides more specific explanations and examples for violations of the 6 points laid out above. It’s worth repeating though, every situation is unique so all enforcement decisions are entirely up to the discretion of an admin.

  1. Abuse of the edit system

    1. Flooding the edit queue without warning or permission
    2. Automated submissions without permission
    3. Repeated submissions of the exact same edit, ignoring rejection/cancellation/failure
    4. Excessive or misleading updates to submissions
  2. Abuse of the voting system

    1. Excessive downvotes for any reason other than incorrect information or violations of the guidelines
    2. Excessive downvotes with no explanation behind them, not including downvotes that simply agree with another user’s comment
    3. Excessive upvotes with little consideration for obvious guideline violations
    4. Use of multiple accounts to circumvent the typical approval process
  3. Abuse of the comment system

    1. Verbal abuse, threats, harassment, etc.
    2. Trolling, inappropriate links, etc.
    3. Excessive number of unproductive comments
  4. Repeated violations of the guidelines

    1. No communication or acknowledgment of guideline violations
    2. Willfully continuing to violate guidelines after being corrected
    3. Not all guidelines are created equal, important ones will be more strictly enforced
      1. No underage performers, scenes, or images
      2. No legal names
      3. No banned studios
  5. Technical hacks or exploits

    1. Bending and/or breaking the software through atypical usage
    2. Accessing another user’s account
    3. Exposing the private information of users
  6. Any other misconduct considered serious enough to warrant action

    1. At an admin’s discretion, editing and voting privileges may be revoked for any other misconduct that is not explicitly stated above in order to protect the integrity of the database and the community