Contributing to StashDB

Submitting fingerprints is possible with every account but any other edit/submission requires new permissions, details found on Discord pinned to #stashdb-invites.

Every StashDB account is able to submit fingerprints/hashes from within the Scene Tagger view of Stash. This does not require any additional permissions. However, if you would like to add or edit performers, scenes, studios, or tags, you will need to be granted additional privileges. Requesting edit access is not difficult. Detailed instructions can be found pinned to the #stashdb-invites channel on Discord.

Please note that you will be expected to be reachable on Discord/Matrix if you become an active contributor on StashDB. This is because the comment system is limited with no direct messaging or notification system from within StashDB at this time. We also ask that you change your nickname on our Discord server to match your StashDB username. It makes it easier for other editors to find you in case there are any questions or issues. It also won’t change your username or display name outside of Stash’s Discord. If you would like to change your StashDB username instead, please contact @AdultSun on Discord.

If we cannot reach you through comments or Discord/Matrix messages, your edit rights may be revoked by an admin after repeated violations of our guidelines.