Amateur Studios

Only a limited selection of platforms allowed, with creators used as studios.

Amateur content is currently allowed on StashDB only in limited circumstances. Content is only allowed from a few platforms (ManyVids, Clips4Sale, PornHub, MFC Share, etc.) and creators who are considered “pro-am” are preferred. Paywalled subscription services like OnlyFans, Just for Fans, and Patreon are not allowed at this time. Content from other platforms may be allowed in the future, but likely also in limited circumstances.

Each creator should be their own studio on StashDB. For example, “Jane Doe” or “Example Productions” would be appropriate names for a studio. This studio will hold scenes produced by the creator across multiple platforms and each scene may contain links to the same video from multiple distributors. Scenes should not be added with just the platform as the studio, for example “PornHub” or “ManyVids” without a creator sub-studio. If the studio does not exist on StashDB yet, it will need to be created. Also note: Studios named after a performer are only used for scenes released by that performer. For example: if Jane Doe films a scene for Brazzers Exxtra, that scene will still use “Brazzers Exxtra” as the studio and not “Jane Doe”.

For creators that are exclusively on a single platform, the platform may be used as a parent/network studio. For example, if Jane Doe only produces scenes for PornHub then the studio “Jane Doe” can be a sub-studio of “PornHub”. If “Jane Doe” scenes are no longer exclusively on PornHub, then PornHub can easily be removed as the parent/network and the studio can be expanded to include other forms of distribution.

Creators must be verified by PornHub for their channel on that platform to be allowed on StashDB. Please see this section dedicated to adding PornHub scenes.