Performer Eligibility

Must work with professional studios or have a verified account on at least one adult platform.

Our main concern here is with legality. StashDB cannot properly vet and verify performer ages by ourselves. We also can’t verify whether performers are consenting to images/videos of themselves being shared. So, we have to rely on others to do this for us. This can be determined two different ways, detailed below. Any performers that do not meet one of these two criteria should be rejected or removed. But first, it’s worth emphasizing…

Any images or scenes that are known to feature underage performers will never be allowed on StashDB.

No exceptions.

  1. A performer is eligible if they have ever performed for a professional studio that hasn’t been banned from StashDB for repeated violations of age or consent. This means any performer from Brazzers, Adult Time, Vixen, Team Skeet, ExCoGi, NVG, etc. is allowed. This also includes classic performers whose careers predate digital distribution. It does not matter if all of their scenes are currently ineligible for inclusion on StashDB.

  2. Amateur and semi-professional performers will need to include at least one verified profile from an adult platform. This includes Pornhub, ManyVids, and OnlyFans. Any other platforms that do not verify the ages and identities of their creators (TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) are not enough to make a performer eligible for StashDB. Please remember that even if a performer is allowed on StashDB, only scenes from certain amateur platforms will be allowed. For example, performers who have only released content through OnlyFans will not have any scenes eligible for inclusion on StashDB.