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This page is an overview for scene entries on StashDB containing short summaries only.

For more detailed explanations, click on “See more…” under each heading.

Table of Contents
  1. Duplicates
  2. Re-Releases
  3. PornHub
  4. Full Movies
  5. Split Movies


No exact duplicates, prefer to keep entries with more fingerprints. See more…


Distinct remasters/redistributions/re-releases are allowed with unique studio links, but cross-posted amateur releases only need one entry. See more…


Must be original scenes made and uploaded by verified creators. See more…

Full Movies

Full movies only allowed for JAV releases or western releases available directly from official studio websites. See more…

Split Movies

Scenes split from movies are only allowed when offered by the studio’s 1st party website, not 3rd party storefronts. See more…