Low Effort Submissions

Submissions may be rejected as “low effort” if it will take more time/effort to fix than it would’ve taken the OP to do correctly in the first place.

Submissions of any kind may be rejected if voters deem them to be “low effort” even if it doesn’t technically violate any other guidelines and all of its information is correct. “Low effort” submissions appear rushed and often leave out information that is obvious or easily found. The reasoning behind rejection is that “low effort” submissions will take the same amount of time and effort for others to fix (if not more) as it would have taken the original contributor to make a complete submission in the first place. It will also often be faster and easier for the original contributor to update or cancel/redo their own submission than for somebody else to do it for them.

“Low effort” submissions should not be confused with small edits, which are of course welcome on StashDB. If you fear that your edit may appear incomplete to others and could be at risk of downvotes as a “low effort” submission, make sure you explain why your edit may look that way (performer not listed anywhere, couldn’t find any details/photos for a performer, waiting for another edit to be approved before you can add something, etc.) Voters won’t be inclined to downvote if you acknowledge and explain a sparse edit. Also, please see our related policy on missing scene performers.

If a user continually makes “low effort” submissions, their actions could be considered repeated violations of the guidelines and may result in the removal of edit access.