Getting Started: StashDB

This page is an overview for tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions on StashDB containing short summaries only.

For more detailed explanations, click on “See more…” under each heading.

Table of Contents
  1. What is StashDB?
  2. What Makes StashDB Better?
  3. Joining Our Discord
  4. Accessing Stash-Boxes
  5. Using StashDB
  6. What’s a PHash?
  7. What’s a StashID?
  8. Contributing to StashDB
  9. Unconfirmed Guidelines
  10. Guideline Proposals
  11. Backlog Spreadsheet
  12. Ad Blockers

What is StashDB?

Our shared database of scene, performer, and studio metadata. Does not host video files or unofficial download links. See more…

What Makes StashDB Better?

Full integration with Stash and improved scene matching using various fingerprints (PHashes). See more…

Joining Our Discord

Necessary for accessing StashDB, click link for details. See more…

Accessing Stash-Boxes

Details on connecting StashDB and others to Stash. See more…

Using StashDB

Tagger Views are recommended for pulling info from StashDB, Identify task is faster but less accurate. See more…

What’s a PHash?

Perceptual hashes are generated from what a video looks like, allowing for more reliable scene matching with StashDB. See more…

What’s a StashID?

Unique ID for entries in StashDB, found at the end of URLs and saved to Stash after a match. See more…

Contributing to StashDB

Submitting fingerprints is possible with every account but any other edit/submission requires new permissions, details found on Discord pinned to #stashdb-invites. See more…

Unconfirmed Guidelines

Still expected to be followed but subject to change pending formal approval. See more…

Guideline Proposals

Changes to guidelines require formal approval, so ask about it on Discord first. See more…

Backlog Spreadsheet

Anything that can’t be fixed from within StashDB yet should be logged here, including incorrect fingerprints. See more…

Ad Blockers

Turn them off on StashDB, otherwise some images will appear “broken”. See more…