Voting on StashDB

Different voting thresholds apply to destructive vs. non-destructive edits. Voting rights granted automatically after 10 approved submissions.

All edit submissions to StashDB will be subject to approval by the votes of other contributors. Voting rights will be granted automatically once you have 10 submissions approved.

Edits considered non-destructive may be approved immediately if they receive three unanimous YES votes. They may also be rejected immediately with three unanimous NO votes. Waiting periods are only required when there are less than 3 votes or when the vote is non-unanimous. This may be 3 days or 7 days, depending on the current vote total. Net totals of 0 votes will be approved at the end of the waiting period for non-destructive edits.

Destructive edits (Merge and Destroy requests, mostly) always require a minimum waiting period to pass before it is approved or rejected. This may be 3 days or 7 days, depending on the current vote total. Net totals of 0 votes will be rejected for destructive edits.

For more details on a particular edit, let your cursor hover over “Voting closes in X days” in the top right corner of the edit card. It will show you — based on the current vote total — the exact day and time the voting period will end and if it will be rejected or approved.

The ABSTAIN option is only used if you would like to remove your YES or NO vote instead of changing it. The “Save” button will not appear when ABSTAIN is selected unless you have previously saved a YES or NO vote on that edit.

Asking for votes on Discord in order to speed up the approval process is only recommended in specific situations.

Also, please be aware that abusing the voting system in any way could result in the removal of editing and voting privileges. Click the hyperlink for examples of what may be considered abuse of the system.