Getting Started: Edits

This page is an overview for tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions on StashDB containing short summaries only.

For more detailed explanations, click on “See more…” under each heading.

Table of Contents
  1. Losing Edit Access
  2. Updating Edits
  3. Cancelling Edits
  4. Voting
  5. Asking for Votes
  6. Edit Comments
  7. Low Effort Submissions
  8. Bulk Edits

Losing Edit Access

At the discretion of an admin, a user’s edit access may be revoked at any time to maintain the integrity of the database and community. See more…

Updating Edits

You can update your own pending edit exactly once, otherwise you may need to cancel and resubmit. See more…

Cancelling Edits

You may cancel your own pending edit, but be careful because it cannot be undone. See more…


Different voting thresholds apply to destructive vs. non-destructive edits. Voting rights granted automatically after 10 approved submissions. See more…

Asking for Votes

Asking on Discord is discouraged unless the edit needs to be approved before additional edits can be submitted. See more…

Edit Comments

Say what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what your sources are. See more…

Low Effort Submissions

Submissions may be rejected as “low effort” if it will take more time/effort to fix than it would’ve taken the OP to do correctly in the first place. See more…

Bulk Edits

Big projects that require a large number of edits should be pitched on Discord first for approval. See more…