Merging and Destroying Tags

Unsorted tags that do not have a unique and helpful meaning are candidates for merging/deleting.

Great care must be taken when merging or deleting tags. When tags are merged or destroyed, it is not easily reversed. Currently, the goal when handling unsorted tags is consolidation. We are aiming to merge all closely related tags together while deleting any that are considered extraneous. The purpose is to create a curated set of tags that are as helpful and as consistent as possible, spanning every studio on StashDB. Just like with other parts of the database, merging is always preferred over deleting. Candidates for a merge/deletion could be tags that seem too vague, too specific, or otherwise irrelevant. These are of course subjective calls, but the rule of thumb should be, “Does this tag have a unique and helpful meaning?” If the answer is “yes”, then keep it. If it’s “no”, then merging/deleting may be the best option. However, we are still trying to be conservative in our approach. Reverting changes can be tricky, so it’s better to err on the side of keeping a tag if there’s any doubt. Merges should also aim for a resulting tag that is consistent in its meaning. If the inclusion of a tag would result in less consistency of meaning, then it may be best to leave it separate for now. Finally, please remember to include any merged tag names as aliases. This can be done in your merge submission.