Split Movie Scenes

Scenes split from movies are only allowed when offered by the studio’s 1st party website, not 3rd party storefronts.

Split scenes are expected to have a first party digital source as its primary source of info. Basically, this means a scene from Studio X should be sourced from StudioX.com. All info (release date, title, description, scene aliases, etc.) should match the first party digital release when possible. If the scene did not have a first party digital release, then it is not eligible on StashDB at this time. We are waiting for further developments regarding movies and release groups on Stash-Box before including physical releases (VHS, DVD, etc.) and third party retailers (Adult Empire, Hot Movies, etc.) on StashDB.

If a split scene is no longer available from the studio’s website or if the studio’s website no longer exists, it can still be added to StashDB. An archived page (from the Wayback Machine, for example) is almost always the best primary source for info. A link to an archive of the scene’s page may be used as the studio link as well, but if your source is an archive of a different page (home page, tour page, performer profile, list of scenes, etc.) then it should only be used in your edit comment. If no archived page can be found, info may be sourced from third party databases (IAFD, Data18, etc.) instead. Also, don’t forget to include the Missing or Removed tag for unavailable scenes.

Third party storefronts are not acceptable as a studio link. These URLs may be included in the edit comment if they were used as a supplemental source of info.

Unconfirmed guideline, subject to change pending formal approval.