Remasters, Redistributions, and Re-Releases

Distinct remasters/redistributions/re-releases are allowed with unique studio links, but cross-posted amateur releases only need one entry.

Remasters (higher quality release of an old scene by the same network/studio), redistributions (cross-network releases), and re-releases (same network releases again) are allowed when they have a unique scene entry and URL on a studio website. The preferred scene date is the release date of that particular release, not the original’s release date. Production dates should not be used for this field either. If a studio changes the release date displayed on their website to make an old scene appear newer, this is not considered a re-release requiring a separate scene entry. All relevant fields including title, description, thumbnail, and scene alias should be sourced from that particular release and not from other releases. Also, please attach a Remaster, Redistribution, or Re-release tag when appropriate.

Note that the above only applies to a “studio website.” Self-produced content is often released on multiple amateur platforms but each release does not require a separate entry on StashDB. Amateur scenes are organized by creator not by platform and scenes are the same way. Use the oldest known release date and whatever the “best” source appears to be for other fields like title, description, thumbnail, etc. There is no specific guidance on what is considered the “best” at this time, so just rely on your own judgment.