Getting Started: Tags

This page is an overview for tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions on StashDB containing short summaries only.

For more detailed explanations, click on “See more…” under each heading.

Table of Contents
  1. Read Tag Edit Histories
  2. Check Tag Usage
  3. Scraped vs. Manual Tags
  4. Sorted vs. Unsorted Tags
  5. Merging and Destroying Tags
  6. Tag Edit Comments

Read Tag Edit Histories

Comments in the “Edits” tab will often explain why a tag is organized a certain way, so check it first before making an edit. See more…

Check Tag Usage

Look at the scenes underneath a tag to get an idea of its current usage before submitting a destructive edit or description change. See more…

Scraped vs. Manual Tags

Most tags attached to scenes were scraped from studio sources, not manually added by editors. See more…

Sorted vs. Unsorted Tags

Tags without categories and/or descriptions are considered “unsorted” and should generally be avoided when manually adding tags to scenes. See more…

Merging and Destroying Tags

Unsorted tags that do not have a unique and helpful meaning are candidates for merging/deleting. See more…

Tag Edit Comments

Say what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what your sources are. See more…