Joining Discord and Matrix

Necessary for gaining edit access to StashDB, read below for details.

All members of Stash’s Discord and Matrix are expected to follow the servers’ rules. These rules exist to foster a respectful community and ensure the longevity of the Stash project. The Discord rules are listed in our #readme channel and the Matrix rules are listed in our Stash space.

Please note, you will need to join at least one of these servers if you would like to contribute more than just hashes to StashDB. Most of the editors are using Discord so that’s likely the most convenient option. All active editors are required to be reachable through one or the other. If there is an issue with your contributions and we cannot get in touch with you to address them, you will risk losing your edit access.


The Stash Discord server is your best bet for finding someone to help you with anything relating to Stash, Stash-Box, and StashDB. It has far more members than the Matrix space, but we have a bot that allows those Matrix users to communicate with users on Discord (see details below). That bot has limitations and can be buggy at times, so using Discord instead will likely be a smoother experience.

Click here to join our Discord server.


Matrix is a federated alternative to Discord. If you are unfamiliar with it, this page explains in more detail what Matrix is. Some users prefer to use Matrix to avoid the privacy concerns and additional restrictions inherent to Discord.

Many of Stash’s rooms on Matrix are marked as “bridged”. Posts in these Matrix rooms will be automatically mirrored in their equivalent channel on Discord and vice versa. That means the smaller number of Matrix users can communicate with the larger number of users on Discord, but the bot his its own limitations and bugs. It also means those Matrix rooms are required to follow the same restrictions enforced by Discord. However, we also have a room named General (unbridged) that is exclusive to Matrix and outside of Discord’s influence.

Click here to join our Matrix space.