Updating Edits

You can update your own pending edit exactly once, otherwise you may need to cancel and resubmit.

You can update your own pending edits once and only once. The button is kind of hidden. You first have to navigate to the page for that individual submission by clicking the heading in the top left of the edit card. It should say something like “Create Scene” or “Modify Performer”. You should then see a blue “Update Edit” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then see the edit form in the same state as the current submission. Just remember to leave an additional edit comment explaining your new adjustments before clicking “Submit Edit” again. Remember, you can only update each edit exactly once so try not to miss anything. It saves us all the extra time and effort of making additional corrections.

At this time, updating your edit does not reset previously cast votes. This means any “No” votes cast before the update will remain until a “No” voter comes back to change it. The edit’s individual page (click the heading) will also show who’s voted “Yes” and “No” already. Many users will check back on an edit after downvoting it to see if their requested changes have been made, but you may also contact them on Discord yourself if you’re worried about rejection or a long wait time. Their username in StashDB isn’t always the same on Discord but a quick search in #stashdb-invites should find their request for edit access. Just be polite and respectful while asking them to flip their vote.

If you’ve already used your one update and still need to change something before your submission can be approved, unfortunately you’ll need to cancel and resubmit it. First click the red “Cancel Edit” button at the bottom of the edit’s page. It’ll be right next to the blue “Update Edit” button. There is no way to revive a cancelled edit so you’ll need start from the beginning again to recreate it.

Also, please be aware that abusing the edit system in any way could result in the removal of edit access. This includes using the update system in an attempt to circumvent the typical voting process.