Duplicate Scenes

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Before submitting a scene to StashDB, always check for duplicates first. Duplicates will likely be rejected or removed. If you couldn’t find a match through Stash’s Scene Tagger, the easiest way to check is to rely on PHash detection when submitting a draft to StashDB. Your draft edit will have a warning sign (⚠) at the top if your PHash matches existing scenes in the database. These are not always duplicate scenes and may be due to someone submitting incorrect fingerprints. Duplicates may also be found by searching for the title on StashDB or by filtering by studio on a performer’s page. Also be aware that even if your scene isn’t on StashDB yet, someone could have a pending edit to create the same scene. Best way to check for this is to click the favorite star (⭐) on the relevant studio or performer in your submission and filter for favorites in pending scene creations on the Edits page.